Cured Manchegan Artisanal Cheese 2.7 Kg. aprox.


Classifying: Curated.

Cured artisanal Cheese from raw milk under Origin Denomination Manchegan Cheese.




This cured cheese presents a very intense straw-colored rind which is solid and strong. Inside it is a whitish yellow, almost devoid of eyes, and with an acidic, milky aroma. In the nose it offers hints of grasslands and cereals, dry hay, toasted almonds, and  in the mouth it features little elasticity, a buttery sensation, and has a slightly spicy aftertaste with a trace of toasted pine nut.




Elaborated with crude milk from Manchegan sheep 100%

Content dry matter: 58%

Content greasy matter: 50% min.

Ageing: More than 6 months

Conservation: +8º

To consume: Preferably before 16 months 




Cylindrical presentation

Approximate weight:

Big: 2,700Kg.


Nutritional data For each 100 grams


Energy value: 1602 Kj, 383 Kcal

Water: 42gr.

Proteins: 21gr.

Grease: 32gr.

Carbohydrates: Imperceptible.

Salt: 1,6gr.

Calcium: 600 - 900 mg.

Vitamins A, D and E.

   Price:  21€/kg