We can not start talking about making cheese at the property Villadiego without ignoring the historical representation of the property where it is located.

La Finca is Villadiego the Alarcos Castle hills in Ciudad Real and part of it is located in the historic town of the same, which developed the Battle ofAlarcos on 19 July 1195 DC in which Christians were expelled from the castle after a ploy concocted by the Moors, who hid 
advantage of the nightafter the one near the castle hill called "Hill of the fishermen" and a small outpost at dawn stood before the town surrounding the castle.Meanwhile, the unsuspecting Christians to see the small number of attackers decided to leave the walls to fight them on the plains, butwhat was his surprise, that face them, most of the invaderssurrounded the castle in the mountains where there is the strength, "the cliff" and took by surprise the Christian soldiers, who were largelydepleted. Survivors along with the rest of the civilian populationdecided to retreat from the valley of the Guadiana River to Toledo(hence the famous phrase could come to "take those Villadiego"), leaving the field open to the Moors for the destruction virtually all of the town and fortifications.

Another feature of the property is historic step on the route of Don Quixote de la Mancha by the land and building on the banks of the riverwhich I quote above, it is thought that the famous Hidalgo walked by these places and even could cite the famous phrase as an allusion, in ChapterXXI (I), "your worship tell me what we Deste gray horse gray ass ro appears that left him helpless here Martino that your worship overthrew, which he put on his heels and took those of Villadiego, has not he come back pergenio ever."

As the history of cheese is not known exactly how long since been operating the farm since its inception had been developed traditionalcheese. At first it was the same pastor who cared for the sheep which was responsible for both milking and making cheese with the toolscharacteristic of the era, which we still have to do with the idea of ​​a small museum tribute to the evolution of cheese manchego.
Recently there has been a historical study of the small farm and we began to find documents dating from 1840, so that from this date we can say that it was processed cheese.

In the photo above you can see the bottom of the eroded remnants Alarcos Castle area and left the current location of the dairy, the rest of the landare owned by the estate, since it consists of more than 1.000Has used almost entirely for self-supply of food for our sheep, sow annually, barley, corn and alfalfa as well as most livestock grazing.