In  Villadiego´s Cheeses we continue doing the authentic of La Mancha cheese craftsman who has managed to penetrate borders and to be named as one of the best cheeses of the world. Preserving the genuineness in our raw materials and elaborating our cheeses based on raw milk of of La Mancha sheep, which since we have explained we themselves support and take care.
In  Villadiego´s Estate, we take care of a handcrafted production in all the products, following our own tradition of cheese of La Mancha experts and thanks to the exhaustive control of the quality in all his phases.
Receipt: It is the process for which the milk that is received in the cheese installation, remains free of the impurities or strange residues. It is a question of entire, raw milk with a minimum of 6 % of fat.
Cuba: The milk coagulates to a temperature from 28 to 32 º C with addition of rennet of animal and, origin optionally, lactic ferments and you go out of calcium, to obtain a compact curd in 45 to 60 minutes approximately.
Molded and Pressing: With the pressing the desuerado is completed forcing the elimination of the whey, and with the molded one his definitive form is awarded to the cheese, with his characteristic cylindrical format.

Salting: It is effected introducing the cheeses in a brine, with the aim to regulate the microbial development, desuerar the cheese, to take off it of certain quantity of water and to favor the formation of the bark that protects it from the exterior agents.

Fermentation and ripeness: During the fermentation inside the curd a series of changes take place mibrobiológicos and physicist - chemist, persons in charge of the final characteristics of the Of La Mancha Cheese. The ripeness is realized in fresh environments and of environmental average dampness (75-85 % of relative dampness) and the temperatures range between 10 and 12 centigrade degrees for 60 days as minimum.