Semicured Artisanal Cheese in olive oil Wedge 370 Gr, aprox ( 8 units)


Classifying: In oil.

Semicured artisanal Cheese in olive oil from raw milk under Origin Denomination Manchegan Cheese 


The cheese in oil features an intense golden yellow rind which is solid and strong. Inside it is a straw-colored yellow, with medium-sized eyes and a milky, acidic aroma. In the noise it offers a hint of cereals, dry hay, acorns and toasted hazelnut; in the mouth it features little elasticity, a buttery sensation, and leaves a spicy aftertaste with a mixture of flavors like toasted nuts and recently cut green tomato. 


Elaborated with crude milk from Manchegan sheep 100%. Virgin olive oil. 
Content dry matter: 58% 
Content greasy matter: 50% min. 
Ageing: More than 3 months 
Conservation: +8º 
To consume: Preferably before 19 months 

FORMATS: wedges 1/8 370gr. aprox per unit.

Nutritional data: 
For each 100 grams 
Energy value: 1602 Kj, 383 Kcal 
Water: 42gr. 
Proteins: 21gr. 
Grease: 32gr. 
Carbohydrates: Imperceptible. 
Salt: 1,6gr. 
Calcium: 600 - 900 mg. 
Vitamins A, D and E.