The estate


Villadiego not only make cheese, but we care for each of the processes thoroughly, either in the transformation of milk into cheese, and from the same source of raw materials that feed our sheep.

The estate consists of over 1,000 hectares., Which are in a prime location on the banks of the Guadiana, which makes the land fertile and green pastures.
It also is equipped with the most modern irrigation systems for the utilization of crops and saving as much energy as water scarce at the moment as we all know, and traceability from starting right now.

Both our team of engineers, like the rest of staff dedicated to agriculture, they put all their efforts in caring for the cultivation of our lands in order to obtain the best food for our cattle, which will underpin a good product.

When fruitful pastures are in full swing all the sheep get the quality they offer them, and when natural cycle no longer have all their use, their diet is supplemented with produce grown by us, such as alfalfa, barley, corn , wheat, etc ... .. developing a balanced rations conducted and supervised by veterinary experts and thus obtain a balanced diet and provided whatever the weather station where you were, thus reaching a final product much more homogeneous in time and higher quality.
Just having all the elements necessary for the preparation of the final product, we keep a close control over all production.
The image shows one of our pivots, which is in the process of mowing alfalfa for subsequent drying and inclusion in the diet of our cattle..