The sheep

In effect, the great protagonist of our product is she, the of La Mancha sheep.

We know since all the of La Mancha cheese would not exist without her, since only it is possible to do of La Mancha cheese with milk of of La Mancha sheep.
The of La Mancha sheep belongs to one of few sheep races that still today his purity supports, exemptsa of crossings. Any animal, the of La Mancha sheep needs from a geography according to she, which in this case is characterized for being a plain in the central plateau of the peninsula (known as The Spot) and that one agrees on limy - clayey soils, with an altitude on the level of the sea that rests between the 650 and 800 meters and with an extreme climate, with big thermal oscillations, and in him, the rain is scanty.
In the Estate Villadiego we support a cattle cabin of more than 4.500 sheeps, which are inscribed in the National Record of the of La Mancha Race and there belongs to the scheme of selection under AGRAMAs supervision Breeders National Association of Select Sheep of La Mancha Race what implies an exhaustive control of the dairy production of every animal, as well as a natural selection, with the aim to improve both the race and the guality of his production. Of parallel form, there looks after itself specially the treatment of the animals of agreement to a scrupulous protocol of animal well-being.
The treatment and care with which we work with them is fundamental for the quality of the milk, since a good supply and an animal well-being without stress will do that the sheep produces more quantity of milk and of a major quality.
Finally, the milking is realized in our facilities, adapted and designed specially for the correct managing of the of La Mancha sheep. Two daily milkings are realized to every sheep and obtaining of her 1,5L/Día aprox. With a perfect harmony between fats and proteins.
In the image we can see our cattle grazing in one of the meadows of the estate.