Being aware of the importance that today is the environment, we wanted to build a factory as"green" as possible by introducing some innovations in this regard. This will be performedmainly two actions:
1 .- The installation of solar panels for maximum utilization of the abundant sunshine we have inthis land, especially in the summer when we came to an average outside temperature of 40 °, and use it to preheat the water before passing through the boiler, thereby reducing and largelyfuel normally used for this purpose, the measure eliminating the possible pollution caused byfumes from the boiler.
2 .- Another development to be undertaken in collaboration with the University of Castilla laMancha, is building a treatment plant and recycling of liquid effluents from the factory farmenvironments, which aims to achieve purification of effluents generated by the activity cheeseand get the reuse of treated water once to take advantage of optimum quality in a new activity,always respecting the environment. 
The project also aims at purifying the treated effluent generated with a soft technologies usingbiological and ecological processes so as to allow their application.
As effluents generated in the process of cheese making are two streams:
· The wash water generated as a result of washing facilities and equipment used in cheese making.
· The whey by-product generated by the separation of whey from the curd in cheese making, as this product is not subject to be valued by the lineof activities in the dairy.

 whey in the cheese represents 77.5% of the volume of milk processed. This volume of whey from sheeps milk and rennet from cheese making, contains a large number of nutrients in milk (lactose, proteins, fats, minerals, vitamins, etc..), Which are not utilized in the cheese making.
As an alternative to disposal of these liquid wastes generated as a result of the manufacture of cheese, it was decided by scrubbing proposed in this project.