CHEESE D.O. Manchego Artesano Añejo 1/2 aprx 1,3 KG (2 units)

Añejo Cheese Artisan of pressed pasta under the Designation of origin of Manchego Cheese.
It has a straw-yellow bark with consistency and firmness. The internal color is ivory white, with eyes, and acidified lactic odor. Memories of dry grass, roasted pistachios, hazelnuts and almost non-existent elasticity in the mouth, buttery sensation with a spicy point and memory of roasted almortas flour.
COMPOSITION Made with 100% raw milk from Manchega sheep.
Dry matter content: 58%
Fat content: 50% min.
Healing: More than 360 days.
Conservation: + 8º
Consumption: Preferably before 16 months
FORMAT Presentation: wedge 1/2 cheese
Approximate weight: 1,400Kg.
Healing: + 12 months.
Nutritional data per 100 grams
Average energy value: 1602 Kj, 383 Kcal
Water: 42gr.
Proteins: 21gr.
Fat: 32gr.
Carbohydrates: Priceless.
Salt: 1.6gr.
Calcium: 600-900 mg.
Vitamins A, D and E. Minimum units: 2 – Price per kilo: € 17.58



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