CHEESE D.O. Manchego Artisan in oil Wedge aprx 370 Gr. (8 units)

Semi-cured Cheese Artisan of pressed pasta under the Designation of origin of Manchego Cheese in oil.


The cheese in oil has an intense golden yellow crust with strong consistency and firmness. Its internal color is straw yellow, with medium eyes, and acidified lactic odor. On the nose it offers memories of cereals, dry hay, acorns and roasted hazelnuts and in the mouth it presents low elasticity, buttery sensation and leaves a spicy aftertaste of intensity with a mixture of flavors between roasted nuts and freshly cut green tomato.


Made from 100% raw Manchego sheep milk. Virgin olive oil

Dry matter content: 58%

Fat content: 50% min.

Healing: More than 90 days.

Conservation: + 8º

Consumption: Preferably before 19 months


Vacuum wedge presentation

Approximate weight:

Wedges 1/8 350gr. Approx.

Nutrition facts for every 100 grams:

Average energy value: 1602 Kj, 383 Kcal

Water: 42 gr.

Proteins: 21gr.

Fat: 32gr.

Carbohydrates: Priceless.

Salt: 1.6 g

Calcium: 600-900 mg.

Vitamins A, D und E.

Minimum units: 12 – Price per unit: € 3.75



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