Semicured Manchegan Artisanal Cheese 2.75 Kg. aprox.


Semicured artisanal Cheese from raw milk under Origin Denomination Manchegan Cheese.



Presents a whitish yellow rind which is firm and solid. The internal color is of ivory white with small eyes and an acidic, milky aroma. Hints of dry pasturage, toasted pistachios; almost no elasticity in the mouth; buttery, creamy, vetch flour sensation.




Elaborated with crude milk from Manchegan sheep 100%

Content dry matter: 58%

Content greasy matter: 50% min.

Ageing: More than 3 months

Conservation: +8º


To consume: Preferably before 19 months


Cylindrical presentation

Approximate weight: 2,900Kg.

Nutritional data: For each 100 grams

Energy value: 1602 Kj, 383 Kcal

Water: 42gr.

Proteins: 21gr.

Grease: 32gr.

Carbohydrates: Imperceptible.

Salt: 1,6gr.

Calcium: 600 – 900 mg.

 Vitamins A, D and E



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